Types of Windmoller & Holscher Machines

Windmoller & Holscher machines are widely used throughout the world with more than 5,000 customers in 130 countries. The headquarters of the company is located in Lengerich, Germany. In 2018, Windmoller & Holscher recorded sales of 895 Mio. EUR.

Cast and blown film lines

At an open house late last fall, the Windmoller & Holscher Corporation unveiled several new cast and blown film lines. Among them were the Optimex three-layer blown film line and the Filmex cast film line. The latter had a revolutionary 17-layer nano feedblock, and a W&H MDO stretching unit was on display to demonstrate how it improved the toughness of the film and the transparency of barrier films.

Another new line in the cast and blown film families is the Water-quench line, which eliminates curling while producing high-amorphous films. This method uses water as a cooling medium, reducing the need for air cooling and allowing for a fast melt-to-film cooling cycle.

The company’s new Varex II blown film line features new modules and configurations for vertical tubular bag making machines. Its Easy-Change technology enables changeovers from one film to another without interruption. It also features a new chill roll unit for maximum output.

The new TURBOSTART automation system enables 50% time savings during product changeover and allows for up to 70% faster film production. Other new models include the OPTIMEX II and the OPTIMEX FFS. Both have new features to increase production, and are specialized in PE materials. The OPTIMEX FFS, in particular, has a 20% higher output. It also features 4 colour printing on an inline printing unit. Both models are currently being demonstrated at EXPO in Lengerich and are expected to run at 500 kg/h.

Besides blown and cast film lines, the company’s CI flexo presses are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and are known for high-quality prints. Its MIRAFLEX, NOVOFLEX and VISTAFLEX flexo presses are compatible with W&H Assistance Systems, including a fully integrated VISION web inspection system. In addition, the EASY module supports a TURBOCLEAN inking and wash-up system.

Topas FFS machine

The TOPAS FFS machine is a versatile solution for high-volume bagging of free-flowing bulk solids. Its high-speed conveyor can process up to 2,600 bags per hour. The machine has an explosion-proof design which complies with the EU explosion protection directive.

The TOPAS has hundreds of installations worldwide and is the leading FFS bagging machine. Its performance, accuracy and easy handling make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications. It has become the standard for modern bagging efficiency and continues to impress users with its versatility.

The TOPAS FFS machine is an important part of W&Hs entire FFS line. The companys other FFS machines include the PLATINUM palletizer and the ARGON stretch hooder. The company will also present the EASY CONTROL automation concept, which includes multiple modules and increases uniformity throughout the entire FFS line.

In addition to their FFS packaging line, Windmoller & Holscher also manufactures high-performance machines for extrusion, printing and converting. The company also provides turnkey converting lines to suit the needs of its customers. The company offers free round-tour transportation to the company’s headquarters in Lengerich.

The Easy Control system has numerous modules and can be customized to meet customer requirements. It eliminates the need for operator training. For example, one module allows the operator to access status reports via their smartphone. Its software also allows for analysis of production data. This is particularly useful for customers in the food and chemical industries.

Garant Maschinen paper bag making machine

GARANT Maschinen is a German company that manufactures new and used packaging machines. It specializes in paper bag machines. It sells a wide range of paper bag machines, from finishing paper to printing. The company’s focus is on flexibility, quality and ease of use. Paper bags are a classic modern packaging product that allows almost unlimited design freedom. The company’s wide range of models ensures that it has a paper bag machine to suit every business’ needs.

Its high speed, precision and simplified operation makes it popular among bag makers. It is the ideal choice for making large format carrier bags and block bottom bags. The new model uses SERVO technology to reduce set up time for format changes. This feature enables the operator to make changes in just a few minutes instead of a day.

Garant Maschinen flexo printing press

When it comes to flexible packaging machines, you can count on a GARANT flexo printing press. The company, located in Lengerich, Germany, specializes in large bag systems, flexographic printing machines, and finishing equipment. In fact, the company has grown to be one of the leading providers worldwide. The company’s focus is on flexibility, as well as the latest technologies, making their products a great choice for any business.

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