Type of Windmoller & Holscher Winders

Windmoller & Holscher is a world leader in flexible packaging machinery. From simple winders to high-performance machines, Windmoller & Holscher provides winding solutions for the packaging industry. Here is a look at their various winders to learn more about their features.

Miraflex S

The Miraflex S winder line from Windmoller & Holscher offers a wide variety of features that will improve production efficiency and quality. The product has been developed to meet the demands of smaller packaging applications with minimal ink and substrate waste, fast changeovers, and lowered plate costs. It is available in various widths and speeds from 400 to 600m/h, making it an ideal choice for many different kinds of packaging applications.

The Miraflex S winder offers a single or dual-port configuration. The compact single-port version uses less floor space, while the dual-port variant has a central loading and unloading area. The machine is also equipped with a fully-integrated VISION print monitoring system. It features a heads-up display to highlight any defects in the print, as well as intelligent print defect classification.

The company manufactures direct-driven sleeve presses and is active in over 50 countries. Its MIRAFLEX C press has a modern design that highlights the safety and ease of operation. It also offers a range of add-on features and variations to suit a wide range of needs.

Miraflex II

The Miraflex II Windmoller & Hollischer winders feature a new design that is ideal for smaller packaging applications. The new system is equipped with an electronic power supply and is capable of fast changeovers. The system offers a wide range of standard features, including an automated web inspection and monitoring system.

The company has been in the packaging business for more than 140 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of soft packages and winders. They are known for their innovative approach to product development and provide warranties for their equipment. They also offer a range of services to their clients.

The Miraflex II Windmoller & Holli winders are available in mono-stop and non-stop turret models. The former is a compact option and offers easy access for maintenance. Both versions have a Turboclean wash-up system for fast color changes. The Turboclean system also has reduced cleaning waste, making the machine even more efficient. Easy automation modules can be specified based on the requirements of the customer. The Easy-Set and Easy-Reg modules help reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Miraflex II Windmoller & Hollischer winders are used in packaging operations. The company has also launched a flexographic printing press. The company has more than 650 machines in operation worldwide. The company offers flexible packaging machines to businesses, including food and pharmaceuticals.

The company is expanding its presence in North America by opening a new sales office in Lincoln, Rhode Island. In addition, W&H has introduced a new flexo printing press, the NOVOFLEX II. The new machine offers high productivity, fast job changes, and low maintenance.

Miraflex III

In Lengerich, Germany, Windmoller & Holscher hosted its Experience the Future of Flexo Open House. There, visitors were able to see the capabilities of the Miraflex III and Novoflex II winders. The Novoflex II, for example, was able to produce a group photograph in three hours, and its 600 meters per minute running speed was impressive. It also was able to perform job changes every five minutes, which showed its high level of efficiency.

Another addition to the Miraflex family is the Miraflex II C. The new machine incorporates integrated automation modules and physical design changes. It has a redesigned tunnel and rear frame. The tunnel is the space between the rewind unit and printing unit, and the rear frame houses the auxiliary components. In addition, it can be fitted with an inline printing unit.

Miraflex III Windmoller & Hoscher winders are designed for a variety of applications. These include paper, plastic film and laminating operations. The machines are equipped with a robust C.I. section and an automatic web inspection system. These features make it possible to change jobs quickly and effectively.

Another important feature of Miraflex winders is the color separation capability. W&H has a range of different color separation systems, including dual-port and single-port versions. The single-port version is able to print in four colors, while the dual-port version can print in seven colors. Both machines are able to handle a wide color gamut.

W&H has a rich history. They are one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging machinery. Founded in 1869, W&H now employs more than 60 people in Lengerich, Germany. The company has over 650 machines worldwide. The company uses their winders for various applications, including converting and printing.

Miraflex IV

Miraflex II C Windmoller & Holscher winders add integrated automation modules and physical design changes. The new single-port version has a central loading and unloading area, and it offers an integrated VISION print monitoring system. This new system offers advanced capabilities, such as an innovative heads-up display and intelligent print defect classification. This new model is also available with an inline printing unit.

The Miraflex S series offers an eight-color press with repeats as small as 250mm. This allows for smaller print runs with reduced plate costs. It also offers a maximum repeat of 800mm for printing on larger formats. This new model is based on discussions with leading flexible packaging producers. It offers a range of speed options and fits under 4m high ceilings. It is a flexible printing solution for all conventional flexible packaging applications.

Windmoller & Holscher KG, a leading manufacturer of blown and cast film, gravure printing lines, and winders, has announced the sale of its 300th MIRAFLEX flexo printing machine. The 10-colour CM10 variant was delivered to Multifilm Packaging in Ilgin.

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