Three Things You Need to Know About Windmoller & Holscher

Windmoller & Holscher is one of the technological leaders in the flexible packaging industry. It has more than 5,000 customers and exports to Africa. Here are three things you need to know about the company. It is a joint venture company and has been around for over 100 years.

Windmoller & Holscher is a technological leader in the field of flexible packaging

Windmoller & Holscher KG is one of the leading suppliers of flexible packaging machinery. It employs over 2,700 people and exports over 93% of its products worldwide. In 2016, the company generated revenue of more than 800 million Euro. The company provides a comprehensive range of products and machinery for manufacturers of bulk goods.

The company has been developing innovative machinery and systems for the flexible packaging industry. Its latest development involves a digital single-pass printing press. After completing several months of tests, the company selected Xaar 5601 printheads for the machine. This printhead will provide a stable and economical digital printing solution for flexible packaging.

The company has expanded through acquisitions and global subsidiaries, and has increased its employee headcount to more than 3,100 worldwide. It cites digitalization and sustainability as driving factors for growth and invested eight percent of its global sales in research and development. In 2019, the company will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

The company’s new systems also improve procurement processes. Purchasing managers at Windmoller & Holscher process over 16,000 inquiries annually. Before the company’s new ERP system, they had to manually input data into the SAP system. They also had to manually process complaints and supplier performance.

Windmoller & Holscher is able to provide flexible packaging machinery and equipment for a variety of industries. In addition to its high-quality film extrusion machines, the company offers complete packaging production lines. It employs 3,031 people worldwide and serves more than 5,000 customers.

It is a joint company

Extrusion machinery maker Windmoller & Holscher has formed a joint venture with Haver & Boecker OHG to specialize in palletising and packing loose goods. The joint company will employ 300 people and have a sales volume of around EUR80 million.

Both companies have long been active in the market for palletizing and packaging equipment. Together, they will offer a broader range of products and services. The new company will specialize in palletizing and FFS packaging systems for products such as food, chemical, and animal feed.

Windmoller & Holscher is based in Westfalia, Germany. It has recently acquired the shares of BSW Machinery, which is based in Vienna, Austria. The acquisition will allow W&H to establish a stronger presence in the poly-woven packaging sector. It has also appointed Walter Hader as CEO of BSW.

The new company will also exhibit its new 3-layer Varex blown film line at the NPE show in Chicago. The machine incorporates a Multicool air ring, a VAREX II automatic gauge profile control system, and a capacitive thickness gauge. It also comes with an integrated quality control module and a touchscreen operator console.

It has more than 5,000 customers

Windmoller & Holscher is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery and systems. Its range of products includes blown and cast film equipment, flexographic and gravure printing presses, surface finishing and processing equipment, and form-fill-seal packaging systems. Founded in 1898, Windmoller & Holscher has over 3100 employees and a corporate philosophy that focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Windmoller & Holscher processes more than 16,000 supplier inquiries a year, and it must procure more than 1,000 new parts every month. It also produces a high volume of small-batch orders of only 60 units. Before, it had to manually enter data into an SAP system and process supplier complaints and performance reports by hand. Now, the company can quickly and easily access supplier performance reports, improve supplier response times, and improve delivery reliability.

The company has three flexo press models on display in its new demo center. The Filmex cast film line, for example, features a platform concept with screws for very smooth mixing. It also features chill rolls and an edge encapsulation system. In addition, it has a new assembly plant in the Czech Republic. Its other products include the AM 8115 DP tuber and the AD 8330 bottomer.

Windmoller & Holscher is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible packaging machinery. It has more than 5,000 customers around the world and has chosen IXON Cloud to provide secure machine connectivity. IXON Cloud helps customers make the most of their machines and save money on maintenance and repair costs.

It exports to Africa

Windmoller & Holscher, a German industrial equipment manufacturer, has sold machinery to many countries in Africa. In fact, the company has more than 5,000 customers in 130 countries. Its headquarters is located in Lengerich, Germany. Its total sales in 2018 were 895 million euros.

The report states that Africa is dependent on commodity exports, and that this dependency makes many African economies vulnerable to global shocks. The report also warns that commodity-dependent economies need to diversify and improve their capacity to compete with large, global firms. This means addressing barriers to services trade, increasing the productivity of manufacturing, and facilitating access to alternative financing.

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