List of Schools in the USA That Offer Scholarship For Ph.D. and MA Programs

If you’re thinking of applying for a scholarship to complete a graduate degree program, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Some schools may be more competitive than others, but they all offer a number of scholarships that are worth applying for. Here are some of them:

University of Notre Dame

Scholarships are available in a variety of categories. Incoming students are automatically considered for the Notebaert Fellowship, Presidential Fellowship, Kinesis-Fernandez Richards Fellowship, Deans’ Fellowship, and Gaia Fellowship. Top-performing students may also qualify for one or more of these fellowships.

The Institute of Philosophy awards fellowships to support doctoral students in their studies. Fellows must meet certain criteria, including an excellent academic record and interdisciplinary interest. Fellows receive a stipend of $30,000 per year, plus fringe benefits. The funding is intended to help students deal with the costs of their studies.

The University of Notre Dame requires that all applicants submit a Graduate School Application for Admission online. All required materials must be uploaded to the application. The application deadline for Fall 2023 admission is December 7, 2022. The Graduate School does not require GRE scores. Applicants should submit a two-page statement of intent, single-spaced, describing their research interests and why they want to attend Notre Dame. They should also include how much preparation they have had in their area of study, their career goals, and their background. The statement of intent will be reviewed by the Department of Political Science Admissions Committee.

Approximately sixty to seventy Notre Dame students receive scholarships annually. These fellowships are awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic promise. The application process is competitive, and students must have excellent undergraduate grades to qualify. In addition, students should have a good SAT score. The University of Notre Dame also requires students to have sufficient financial resources.

University of Chicago

Scholarships are available for students of Ph.D. and MA programs at the University of Chicago. These awards recognize excellence in scholarly pursuits and provide financial support to graduate students. Scholarships are available in many forms, including grants, fellowships, and tuition waivers. Graduate students should carefully review the scholarship information for each program to determine eligibility requirements.

Applicants must possess a baccalaureate degree or have completed 48 hours beyond the master’s level. Applicants who hold a previous master’s degree should check with the director of graduate studies to determine which graduate courses can be transferred. However, graduate students who hold a master’s degree can take up to 32 hours of advanced standing credit toward their doctoral degree. For this credit, students should contact the director of graduate studies and apply for admission.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program emphasizes independent research and advancement of knowledge. Students must write an original thesis in their doctoral program. The program is designed for students who want to pursue careers in higher education, in academic research, and as college teachers or instructors.

New York City University

The University awards fellowships for students pursuing doctoral degrees in a field relevant to national security. These fellowships support doctoral students for a minimum of two academic years. Eligible fields of study include astrophysics, aerospace, computer science, chemistry, neural sciences, physics, and bioscience. In addition, recipients are eligible to receive minimum health insurance coverage.

In addition, the University has several chartered organizations, which provide opportunities for doctoral students to get involved. There are over forty student organizations, including the Middle Eastern Studies Organization, the Africana Studies Group, the Prison Studies Group, and the Immigration Working Group. These organizations offer social events, publish online magazines, and hold conferences.

Scholarships for doctoral and MA programs are limited and do not cover full tuition costs. The University also offers a Dean’s Merit Scholarship, which is awarded to master’s degree candidates based on merit. This scholarship provides a total of 4,000 USD for students who qualify. Additionally, many external scholarship opportunities are available through various websites and search engines.

University of Houston

There are many types of scholarships offered at the University of Houston. Some of these are based on financial need, while others are based on merit and character. The scholarships are renewable and cover tuition and fees as well as the cost of on-campus room and board. They also cover student health insurance sponsored by the University of Houston.

If you are interested in attending a graduate program at the University of Houston, you can apply for a scholarship. These scholarships are offered to incoming and continuing students, and you must meet certain requirements. If you qualify, you will receive $1,200 per year for the first two years of your program. Nonresident students and international students will receive a tuition waiver. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 to maintain your scholarship. Scholarship awards will cease if you violate the terms of your agreement. To apply, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The deadline for nominations is March 1st.

There are also scholarships for Ph.D. students in the School of Psychology. The Neuropsychology Fellowship is awarded to incoming or continuing students. This fellowship recognizes research in the field of psychology and neuroscience. The program was founded by Dr. Genevieve Arnold in 1948 and is funded by the Communication Disorders Alumni Association. It is available to both part-time students and full-time students. Another scholarship is named after Dr. Margaret Bangs, a former faculty member at the University of Houston. She was a fierce advocate for young children with language and communication disorders.

University of California – Los Angeles

Students with diverse backgrounds and interests can apply for a scholarship from the University of California – Los Angeles. The university has partnered with local law enforcement to establish leadership scholarships for law enforcement officers. The program is designed to foster collaboration and inclusion among law enforcement and the community. Fellows receive full tuition and fees, as well as a monthly stipend. To be eligible, students must be employed by the LAPD or have a history of community policing.

Applicants must be citizens of the US or a permanent resident of the US. Fellowships are for six years and are funded by the University of California Office of the President. They must be US citizens, permanent residents, or international students. In addition, fellows must have participated in a UC-HBCU summer program.

The Fellowship and Assistantship Office of the Graduate Division administers the University’s fellowship program. Fellowships from private organizations are also available. Application deadlines for University fellowships is mid-January half a year before the fellowship year, while deadlines for private fellowships vary. Students should check with the Graduate Division often to find out about new scholarship opportunities.

James Madison University

Students who want to pursue an advanced degree can apply for a scholarship at James Madison University. The university awards up to 400 one-year and four-year scholarships each year. Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on academic performance. Other criteria may include leadership, community involvement, and career goals. To apply, students should go online to the University’s scholarship website.

The tuition at James Madison University is very affordable. The cost of in-state tuition and room and board was $9,018 in 2015. Graduate students paid $434 per credit hour. The tuition at JMU is much cheaper than at many other schools in the state. A scholarship from this university could save you over $3,000 on tuition alone!

The university also offers travel grants to students. The office of Research and Scholarship administers the program. To qualify for a grant, you must be a full-time student. Students can apply more than once, but you can only receive one travel grant per academic year.

University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is a public land-grant research university in Laramie, Wyoming. Students can study in nearly 200 fields of study. The faculty is world-renowned, and you’ll receive top-notch training. You’ll also be surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Graduate students can pursue a variety of graduate degree programs at the University of Wyoming. These programs are available in areas ranging from art to science. They’re listed below in alphabetical order. You can also choose a graduate minor, which allows you to widen your academic horizons. While minors are not degree programs, they do provide financial assistance.

The University of Wyoming also offers a scholarship for students wishing to study reclamation. The Mary Hay scholarship will help students who are interested in working on reclamation projects. Hay, who was born and raised in Rock Springs, attended boarding school in Salt Lake and Simmons College in Boston, and spent a semester at the University of Wyoming. She is from a fifth-generation ranching family, and her two sons still run the ranch.

Oregon State University

International students interested in earning a doctorate degree or pursuing an MA at Oregon State University can take advantage of Oregon State’s many scholarships. These are awarded based on merit, geographical origin, and other factors. These scholarships cover study expenses for up to 10 years and can amount to thousands of dollars.

The Graduate School awards 5-8 Dissertation Completion Awards each term. These awards are given to students completing a doctoral dissertation or master’s degree. Each award covers the cost of three graduate credits and mandatory fees for one academic term. However, this scholarship does not cover health insurance premiums and cannot be combined with graduate assistantships or other forms of tuition support.

The PNNL-OSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program provides scholarships and benefits for graduate students. This program allows PhD candidates to conduct nationally relevant research using Oregon State’s world-class research infrastructure. Students can also take advantage of a vast collection of national fellowships. Students can apply directly to the granting organizations or use a scholarship search engine.

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