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In a recent survey, Zebra looked at the top car insurance companies in the United States. It took into consideration customer satisfaction, market share, and coverage options for a wide range of customers. USAA topped the list, followed by State Farm and GEICO. If you are looking for car insurance in the USA, these companies are a good choice.


Geico is known for offering several discounts for drivers, which can greatly lower their monthly premiums. These discounts are broken down into four different categories: vehicle equipment, driving history and habits, driver affiliation and customer loyalty. Some discounts can save drivers up to 25%. Others include military discounts (up to 15%) and emergency deployment discounts (up to 25%).

Geico is one of the most affordable car insurance companies in the United States, and its rates are 22 percent lower than the national average. However, the cost of auto insurance varies significantly depending on where you live. In some states, average prices can vary by thousands of dollars. This is due to differences in regulations, population density, and the propensity of an area to experience natural disasters.

GEICO has a mobile app that allows customers to access their insurance cards and file claims. It also has a virtual assistant, which can answer questions about coverage and billing. The app also has a feature that connects to CARFAX, which lets customers access the history and recalls of their vehicles. Overall, GEICO has a great customer experience, but the speed at which claims are processed can be frustrating.

The company has an impressive customer satisfaction rating, which makes it one of the top car insurance companies in the United States. GEICO has a low number of customer complaints, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This puts them among the best large car insurers in the country, but the company falls short in terms of claims satisfaction.


Amica is a car insurance provider in the United States. The company provides comprehensive coverage for the vehicles they insure. Its service department is always available around the clock, so that you can contact them for any assistance you need. Some of their services include towing, changing flat tires, jump-starting dead batteries, gas, and unlocking car doors. The company also offers excellent discounts for its customers.

The company offers two types of coverage, which you can choose from depending on what you need. First, you can choose liability auto insurance, which covers the other driver in an accident. This kind of coverage is important if you are at fault, and it can also help you cover the costs of legal expenses. Comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, covers any damage to your car that wasn’t caused by an accident.

Amica has a long history in the car insurance industry, and has received many awards and high ratings. Its proprietary Insurify Composite Score (ICS) is calculated using multiple factors, including financial strength ratings, J.D. Power ratings, Consumer Reports satisfaction surveys, and user-generated company reviews. This helps you determine if the company has the best reputation in the industry.

Amica is one of the oldest mutual car insurance providers in the United States. It offers high-quality car insurance with plenty of customization options. However, it is still worth comparing quotes from multiple providers to make sure you’re getting the best coverage for your car.

Foremost Signature

The Foremost Signature car insurance program is designed for high-risk drivers and has an average monthly quote of $128. Its policyholders can access a 24-hour claims service, an online portal, and a network of trusted repair shops. In addition, American Family is a great choice for families with teens because it offers discounts for students, young volunteers, and teen drivers. Foremost is not available everywhere, so make sure to check your local area before applying.

When choosing car insurance, drivers should keep in mind their credit history. Many insurance companies do not use a credit score in determining premiums. Consequently, drivers with bad credit may end up paying significantly more for coverage than those with good credit. With Foremost, drivers with poor credit pay up to $41 more per month than those with excellent credit. In contrast, drivers with excellent credit pay just $52 per month with American Family and $121 per month with Foremost Signature.

While Foremost does not offer a mobile app for its car insurance coverage, it does offer an online claim and payment portal. It also offers a multi-car discount.


Nationwide has been providing car insurance for nearly a century. Its financial ratings are good, and its customer service is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. While it charges a higher premium than other insurers, it offers a variety of discounts and an easy claims process. Customers report that they receive fast and accurate payments.

The company was founded in 1926, and it is currently the eighth largest automobile insurer in the country. In the United States, it provides insurance for automobiles, homeowners, RVs, and boats. Its financial strength and credit ratings are important for auto insurance buyers. A low credit rating can destabilize an insurance company and delay reimbursements.

Nationwide offers affordable car insurance. The average annual premium for a good driver with no accidents or claims is only $1,540. However, the cost of insurance may vary based on age, gender, average annual mileage, and driving history. In addition, the cost of insurance is higher in large cities and states with high uninsured motorist rates.

Nationwide offers comprehensive and collision coverage. This option covers damages caused by vandalism, theft, and accidents. Customers can raise their deductibles to reduce premiums. Nationwide also offers rideshare coverage, which covers expenses incurred by an Uber or Lyft driver. Customers must decide whether these extra coverage options are worth the extra cost. Typically, these options will add a few dollars per month to their premiums.


Clearcover is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since November 2017, and currently holds an A+ rating. The company’s website boasts hundreds of client reviews, which indicate that the overall satisfaction rate is 94%. It also says that a typical claim can be paid out in 30 minutes or less. Most positive reviews are based on the company’s customer service, but the only negative feedback is related to bad claims experiences.

Clearcover offers low-cost car insurance for drivers in certain states, and it also offers a mobile app. The company’s mobile app is highly rated by consumers, and has an average 3.8-star rating on Apple. Although the company doesn’t offer nationwide coverage, it has plans to expand to other states in the future.

Clearcover has excellent customer service and low premiums, but it lacks the prestigious brand image of large insurers. However, its digital experience is top-notch, and many consumers find it easier to purchase insurance through its website than through a big insurer. It also offers a smartphone app, which is helpful if you’re on the go and can’t wait to get your policy. Clearcover’s claims response time is also fast and easy.

Another highlight of Clearcover’s service is its roadside assistance, which will tow your car to a qualified repair shop. It covers up to three automotive emergencies in a six-month period, including flat tires and battery failures. In addition, it provides you with $30 a day for alternate transportation. While most car insurance companies require you to use a rental car, Clearcover gives you the option to use the money for a carpool or ride-share service.

American Family

American Family offers multiple car insurance plans with different discounts. These include discounts for paying your premiums in full at the time of purchase, being accident-free for a certain period of time, and insuring multiple vehicles. You can also get discounts if you bundle your insurance policies with American Family or switch from a competitor. Additionally, you can save money by enrolling in automatic monthly payments of your insurance premiums.

When purchasing your insurance, be sure to read the terms and disclosure agreements carefully. You’ll also want to check the progress bar on the screen, which shows you exactly what you’ll need to do to complete your application. For example, you’ll need to provide your name, address, city, and state, as well as your email address and telephone number. This information is used to determine the amount of coverage you need.

If you’re worried about the quality of service from American Family, it’s worth noting that its customers have generally positive opinions. While many respondents have good experiences, others report dealing with a lack of personal attention. This can lead to a variety of problems, including claims, which are difficult to solve on your own. In order to avoid these problems, you should take advantage of American Family’s online service. Moreover, you can get a mobile app for your phone that will help you file a claim.

You can also enjoy discounts for incorporating various safety features into your car. For instance, if you drive fewer than 160 miles a week, you’ll be eligible for a discount of up to 10%. However, keep in mind that the amount of savings you’ll receive will be calculated over the course of the month, so long trips or high mileage may reduce the savings you’ll get.

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