Reasons Why Candidates Fail Waec English

The reasons why candidates fail Waec English are varied. Some candidates make the mistake of trying too many questions and attempting more than required. This is an unacceptable practice because you may face penalties and have to repeat the questions a second time. It is also very important to follow instructions carefully. In addition, you should not write below or above word count, unless it is compulsory. The recommended word count is 270 to 300 words. Poor writing can also be a cause of Waec failure.

1. Poor Reading Habit

One of the major reasons why candidates fail Waec English is a poor reading habit. The best way to fail the exam is to jump into answers without reading the questions properly. In order to prepare for the exam, candidates must develop the habit of reading. Not only does reading help increase a candidate’s vocabulary, it also helps identify the actual demands of the questions. Reading is also helpful in learning the proper usage of grammar rules. In addition, students must read with seriousness and avoid getting hurried.

The comprehension passages in the English Language paper are relatively easy to answer as almost all of the questions are in the passages. This means that the examiners want short, concise answers. In addition, questions on grammatical names of expressions are predictable and easy to answer before the examination date. But bad reading habits are the biggest setback to candidates who are aiming to score high in the examination. Students can easily miss an important question by rushing through a paragraph or skipping a line.

Many students spend more time than they should on social media. Although it is fun and interesting, it can interfere with reading books. As a result, a lack of reading habit is one of the most common reasons for candidates to fail the exam.

2. Poor Use of Punctuation Mark

One of the most common mistakes that many candidates make in the English Language section of the WAEC is to write without using the correct punctuation mark. While this is perfectly fine on social media like Instagram and Whatsapp, it is a serious mistake on Waec English. Students should learn how to write sentences in a coherent way, break up their writing into paragraphs and use the correct punctuation mark when needed.

Another common mistake that candidates make is to use the wrong personal pronoun. This causes a candidate to use the wrong tense. Candidates who use the wrong personal pronoun may also be guilty of inadvertently using the word ’cause’ and ‘is’. This can make it difficult to understand the passage’s meaning. They also have a bad understanding of basic grammar rules and fail to restate the ideas from the passage.

The West African Examinations Council has released a list of reasons why candidates fail the major subjects like English Language. The reasons are detailed in Chief Examiners’ Reports, which are available on the examination body’s website. This list of mistakes can lead to an average performance below the required standard.

3. Poor Expression

WAEC has identified poor expression as one of the reasons candidates fail WAEC English. It found that candidates made a lot of spelling mistakes, and they had trouble constructing meaningful and simple sentences. They also had problems with the use of conjunctions and prepositions. In addition, their responses were not well-structured and they had a hard time interpreting questions.

In addition, poor expression results from a lack of appropriate vocabulary, the incorrect usage of tenses, the incorrect usage of articles, and poor use of prepositions and conjunctions. To boost your expression, you must learn the parts of speech and develop a good reading habit.

Another reason why candidates fail WAEC English is the lack of proper study habits. Some candidates fail the examination because they lack the basic knowledge of English grammar. This basic knowledge is crucial to a good understanding of the language and confidence in answering questions. In addition, students should avoid excessive activities such as sports, working, and visiting friends. It is better to delegate these activities until after the examinations are done.

Lack of knowledge of how to write an essay can cause one to fail the test. Many students attempt to write more questions than the required number and end up with penalties. A proper Waec essay should be written in simple, correct English. This way, the examiner can check whether spelling errors were present.

4. English Spelling Errors

If you don’t know how to write good sentences, you could be the cause of one of the most common reasons why candidates fail the Waec English examination. One of the biggest mistakes that students make is that they fail to punctuate their sentences properly. In the Waec English examination, punctuation is very important. Without it, your writing will be grammatically incorrect. Hence, you should learn the correct usage of the comma, full stop, and other parts of speech.

The WAEC is a national examination that tests students on various subjects, including English Language. Its questions are usually standard and competitive. They are also within the level of the candidates’ experience and competence. However, some candidates’ performance in the English language examinations is disappointing, in large part due to poor grammar and punctuation, as well as poor spelling and punctuation.

The standards of English have fallen in recent years. The recent Chief Examiner’s Report highlighted poor spelling as one of the major causes of poor performance. To address this problem, the author conducted a study on spelling errors in Junior High School students from the Cape Coast Metropolis. The research was also aimed at investigating the relationships between social class and performance in the English language.

5. Writing More Than Required

A common mistake among candidates is writing more than the required number of words. This is one of the leading reasons why candidates fail Waec English. While writing more than the required number of words doesn’t automatically make you fail, it can lower your grade. However, if you try to avoid such mistakes, you can improve your scores.

First, ensure that you prepare enough for the examination. Carrying extra writing materials is a great idea, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. In the worst case scenario, it could be stolen or lost. Also, try not to cheat during the examination. This is considered examination malpractice, and it may result in withholding or cancelling your results. Secondly, remember not to shorten words on the exam. Though this is common on social media, it is not a good practice on an exam.

Third, read a good textbook. Many students don’t bother reading recommended books and rely on teacher notes. A WAEC textbook contains a lot of information, and it helps the student understand the subject better. This helps the student perform well in the exam.

6. Poor Writing

One of the reasons why candidates fail Waec English is that they have poor writing skills. They may use wrong words and tenses, or use slang and poor grammar. In addition, they may also use wrong articles and phrases. They may also be slow writers, and it is important to practice writing faster. A good way to improve your writing skills is to learn new words and their meanings. In addition, learning the parts of speech will improve your expression.

Students may also not understand the language or lack practice in speaking and writing. In some cases, they may be too nervous or rushed to learn the material. Others may not have spent enough time studying or have missed important concepts in class. In any case, students must focus on the basics of the subject in order to improve their chances of success.

The WAEC English Language examination is composed of five questions, each with different requirements. Each question requires candidates to elaborate on five points in a given passage. The questions are graded on a 0 to 5 scale, where a score of 5 indicates satisfactory performance. One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is overspreading on words and phrases.

7. Slow Writing

There are several reasons why candidates fail the WAEC examination. One of these reasons is that they do not have enough time to study. A lack of time can lead to a number of problems, including the inability to write well. Other reasons may include incompetent teachers, inadequate facilities and uncovered syllabuses. Therefore, the best way to prepare for the exam is to study well and study hard. Some candidates even hire agents to write the exam for them. However, this practice is illegal and could get them into trouble. If caught, these students face severe punishment.

Besides, students should also learn how to manage their time well. If they find writing hard, they should start working on their writing skills. This can be achieved by learning how to write fast. To improve their writing speed, students should start learning from WAEC past questions.

Another reason why candidates fail the WAEC exam is that they do not understand the exam well. Students often believe that it is just like a school exam. In reality, WAEC asks for students’ SSS 1 to 3 results. As a result, students who have done well in SSS one and two may still struggle.

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