How To Install Dakota Closets Perfectly

Installing Dakota closets requires a certain amount of knowledge and skill. These units come in two types: floor units and wall mounted units. Floor units are supported by the floor while wall mounted units need wall attachments to stay stable. Choosing the right type of unit is crucial for ensuring your closet’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Organize a closet with shelftrack

If you’re looking for a simple way to organize your closet, you might want to check out the shelftrack system from Dakota Closets. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive outfit planner. Its perforated shelving allows you to add new accessories to your closet without having to remove the old ones.

Unlike traditional shelving systems, shelftrack allows you to customize the layout and look of your closet without any gluing or screwing. You can choose between floor-standing and wall-mounted units. These systems are available in different colors and layouts and include shelves, rods, and drawers.

There are a few basic things you need to know about installing the shelftrack system. You must first figure out where you want to install the shelves. Then, make sure that the studs are predrilled. After you’ve done this, you’re ready to install the shelves. Once they’re installed, you can adjust the shelf height to meet your needs.

The wire closet system is another way to organize your closet. These systems are available from big-box retailers such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. They can be used to hang up clothes and organize small items. When you install the shelftrack system, you’ll have a closet that’s organized and easy to clean.


Elfa is a well-known brand that offers an assortment of closet solutions. The company’s products are highly durable, able to withstand heavy use and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. The company offers easy ordering online and through telephone service. Once you have purchased a closet system, you can then contact a closet specialist to install it in your home.

If you are thinking of buying a Dakota closet for your home, the first step is deciding on the style. There are both floor-mounted and wall-mounted units available. Floor-mounted units are supported by the floor while wall-mounted units need wall attachments. A good place to start is with the online design tool. This tool will let you experiment with different designs and give you an idea of the costs before a consultation.

Another step in installing Dakota closets is to determine the size and layout of your pantry. You can choose from a wide range of heights and styles, and even choose wall-mounted cabinets for maximum storage capacity. For extra storage, you can install shelves, drawers, and rods on the walls. Dakota Closets are also highly customizable and can span a full pantry. The shelf height can be adjusted with the aid of spacers and pre-drilled studs.


Whether you want wall-mounted or floor-mounted shelving, installing Dakota closets requires careful planning. You will want to measure the wall and the shelves. Then, you’ll want to install the cam dowels to mount the shelves. Once the cam dowels are in place, you can lift the uprights over the floor molding.

Once you’ve decided on which installation method you’d like, you can begin the process. You will want to make sure that you have a good hang rail to hang your closet from. Make sure the closet hang rail is centered and attached to the wall with at least three 2 1/2 inch wood screws. The fasteners for installing the hang rail should also include toggle bolts for extra stability.


If you’re ready to add more storage space to your home, consider installing Dakota ClosetsTM cabinets. These cabinets are available in different heights and can be installed on the floor or wall. They also have adjustable shelves and hangers to keep your items secure. You can install them as high as 36 inches off the floor, maximizing your closet space and adding value to your home.

To install your Dakota closets perfectly, first measure the opening of your closet. You’ll need to cut a piece of track to fit into the space. Next, assemble the clothes rail by lining it up with the support arm. If you’re not sure how to assemble the shelves, check the videos on how to install them.

Then, use the Shelftrack Standard to install the shelves perfectly. It comes with special tools to help you install the shelves. You’ll need a level and tape around the drill to make sure the track is straight and level. Then, you can use the Shelftrack to maximize storage space in your new closet.

The Shelftrack system is compatible with all types of closet systems, including Dakota closets. The shelf tracks are adjustable and allow air to circulate around the wood. It also provides support along the tracks. The shelves can be stacked for longer periods of time. It features eight swivel hooks for easy access to your items.


If you are planning to install a new closet, you should make sure to follow the proper steps to install the closet. First, you need to measure the space on which you will install the Dakota closet. Measure the height of the wall and mark it to determine the proper spacing. Then, you will have to mark the shelves and install the cam dowels. After that, you should lift the uprights over the floor molding.

Next, you must prepare the wall for installing the new unit. Dakota closets are available in floor units or wall-mounted units. The latter requires wall attachments for stability. If you are not sure how to install the units, you can visit your local home center and buy an edge trimmer.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to measure the closet’s depth. To determine this, mark one inch on one wall and then extend the tape measure across the other walls. Record the measurements. Also, measure the wing walls (the walls that are on either side of the door) and their height and width. Don’t forget to include windows.


Customizable Dakota closets are a great way to maximize storage space in your home. These modular closet systems are easy to install and feature predrilled uprights, making it easy to add shelves and other accessories. They are available as wall-mounted or floor-standing units. Choose from a variety of accessories to customize your closet to fit your space and style.

There are two types of units available from Customizable Dakota. Floor units can be installed on the floor, while wall-mounted units require wall attachments. Uprights vary in height, so they can be installed to work around windows or other obstructions. Uprights have predrilled holes every 1” apart. The tallest unit has 69 holes.

Some systems are designed to be configured one way, while others are fully modular. If you are unsure of the configuration you want, you may want to choose a closet system with more flexibility. You can try different arrangements to find the best one for your needs. These systems can be installed in a single day.

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