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Despite being one of Nigeria’s most prominent politicians, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not revealed any information regarding his parents or siblings. He was born on June 15, 1952, in Osun State. His mother is Abibatu Mogaji, a trader who rose to become the Mother of the Market in Lagos. She died on June 15, 2014. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was educated at Children’s Home School in Ibadan and Richard J Daley College in Chicago.


The investigation of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s assets and net worth is underway in the United States. The Nigerian politician is known to be involved in money-related corruption. Some sources have linked him to a Chicago-based drug trafficking ring. Regardless of the source of his wealth, the investigation is a necessary one.

Tinubu has many properties in Lagos, including a massive mansion. This property is valued at more than N3 billion and was previously the site of a General Hospital for Eti-Osa. He also owns a five-bedroom apartment in Ikoyi. He was assigned the apartment by his successor, Fashola, in 2007. The former governor also owns more than 250 hectares of land along the Lekki Road. Combined, these properties are worth an estimated N35 billion.

In the 1990s, Tinubu joined the Pro-democracy National Democratic Coalition (NDC), which mobilized support for democracy in Nigeria. He was part of the party that recognized the winner of the June 1993 presidential elections, MKO Abiola. As a result, he later became part of the Alliance for Democracy and the National Reconciliation and Development Movement (NRD). He was a former state senator in Lagos, and eventually won the governorship election.


Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an extremely influential politician in Nigeria. He is known as the Godfather of Lagos and has used his influence in state politics to address regional and international concerns. In 2015, a documentary titled “The Lion of Bourdillion” revealed the extent of his control over Lagos state. As a result, Tinubu’s production company was sued for N150 billion in libel and the film was halted.

Tinubu is a millionaire and owns an expensive mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos. His residence is worth over N1 billion. He also owns a five-bedroom apartment in the same area. This apartment was given to him by his successor, Fashola, in 2007. He also owns a 250-hectare land in Lekki road that is worth N35 billion.

Before entering politics, Tinubu worked as a security guard and cab driver. He also held positions with American companies such as Mobil Oil and ExxonMobil Nigeria. After leaving these positions, he returned to Nigeria to establish his own business and political career.

Tax evasion case

The case against the former Lagos State governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, involves his company, Alpha Beta. The company is accused of being a conduit for tax evasion and money laundering. The EFCC has sued Tinubu and the company for violating the tax laws.

Tinubu has denied the allegations. However, a former employee of the company he owned has accused him of corrupt practices. This led to a lawsuit from Alpha-beta, which he eventually settled with. The former senator has also been cleared by Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Tribunal twice.

The case was filed in early 2018. The suit seeks to hold the defendants liable for the financial transactions made in Alpha Beta, Tinubu’s company. The company is responsible for monitoring the Lagos State government’s revenue. The suit outlines the alleged financial transactions of the company, including the transfer of funds to the private sector.

The company’s management and owners are alleged to have diverted billions of Naira to Mr Tinubu. However, the purpose of the money transfers has not been determined. In addition, the company’s owners, including Mr Apara, say Mr Tinubu used the company for corrupt purposes and diverted the money to his personal benefit.

Business background

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Nigerian politician with an interesting background. He was born in Lagos and has held numerous prominent positions. He was a successful businessman who became the Governor of Lagos State in 1999. He is the son of a famous businessman, Abibatu Mogaj. He served as Iyal’oja of Lagos State for two terms. Bola was raised in traditional Yoruba, but he received a Western education and attended the Children’s Home School and St. John’s Primary School in Lagos and a private school in Ibadan.

Bola Tinubu’s business background includes stints at Deloitte Haskins and Sells, a global firm that provides auditing services to Fortune 500 companies. He was only a young graduate of the firm, but was quickly promoted to lead important auditing teams. Upon returning to Nigeria, Bola Tinubu worked with several companies and eventually rose to the position of Treasurer in the Mobil Producing Company.

After a career in business, he was interested in advancing society. He was active in community service and social development. Although he retired from the company as treasurer, he maintained a strong interest in helping the country. His dream was to run for governorship of Lagos State one day.


As a former governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is well known for his wealth and is one of the richest politicians in Nigeria. His net worth is believed to be about $4 billion dollars. He also has a private jet, high-end cars and houses in various parts of the country. He has been rumored to own half of the economic power in Nigeria and is considered to be a very powerful political figure.

Besides his political career, Tinubu has also been successful in business. He owns over 20 businesses both inside and outside the country. His assets include Oandao Plc (a major oil company in Nigeria), televisionC, Lekki concession company, and others. As of 2016, his net worth was estimated at around $4 billion.

His early years were spent in a one-room apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. In order to make money, he started a taxi business with his friends. They operated a taxi at the airport and raised money. He later went to Richard Daley College and Chicago State University. He later worked for GTE Services Corporation and Arthur Anderson.

Political career

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Nigerian politician. He served as the Governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007, and he is a former Senator from Lagos West during the Third Republic. He is the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) nominee for the 2023 presidential election.

Tinubu has a history of leadership and community service. He was one of the first leaders to fund community development programmes in Lagos State. He also leads the Primrose Group, a political action group. In addition to his political career, he is a prominent businessman and philanthropist.

He joined politics when he was 40 years old, and he won a seat as senator in the Nigerian Senate. He represented the Lagos West constituency and served for two terms. In 1993, after the annulment of the June 12 election, Tinubu formed the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), a group that advocated restoring democracy and recognizing the results of the election.

But Tinubu’s political career has been marked by an identity crisis. The aforementioned identity crisis has led to widespread speculations and innuendos about his background, nativity and parentage. His physical appearance also has been a subject of controversy.

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