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If you’re looking for Asake Biography, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about the talented Nigerian Singer And Songwriter’s age, family background, and net worth. He weighs 55 kg and has an estimated net worth of $70,000.

Asake is a Nigerian singer and songwriter

Ahmed Ololade, better known by his stage name Asake, is a Nigerian singer of Yoruba origin. He specializes in Afrobeats and is signed to YBNL Nation and Empire Distribution. His stage name is a tribute to his mother’s first name.

Asake first became a professional singer and songwriter in 2015, when he was a backup vocalist for the Nigerian singer Broda Shaggi. The two collaborated on the track “Star” which did well on the lookout and gained Asake more fans. In January 2020, Asake released his debut single, “Lady,” which became a hit on social media.

In his early days, Asake began his career as a dancer. He performed with various theatre companies and dance organizations while still in high school. The real name of Ahmed Ololade, Asake was born in Lagos State. His debut single, “Lady”, catapulted him to fame. He also began to take on a role in comedy videos by popular Nigerian stars, including Broda Shaggi.

Ahmed Ololade Asake is a singer and songwriter from Lagos State. He is Yoruba by ethnicity and a Nigerian national. His afrobeat music is full of energy and afrobeat rhythms. He is best known for “Lady” and “Mr. Money,” which have become his signature songs. He is also preparing to release his upcoming Ololade Asake EP in 2022.

After releasing his debut EP, Asake signed with Olamide’s record label, YBNL. He was signed to the YBNL record label in February 2022. Asake’s music has been praised by critics and has achieved mainstream success.

He is a dancer

The Nigerian singer Asake is an artist from the Yoruba ethnic group. He specializes in Afrobeats. He is signed with the YBNL Nation and Empire Distribution labels. His stage name pays homage to his mother’s first name. He has won numerous awards and accolades for his music.

Born in the late 1990s to Yoruba parents, Asake grew up in Lagos State. He is now twenty years old and has a degree in Theater and Performing Arts from the Obafemi Awolowo University. Throughout his life, Asake has been sharing freestyles on social media. His song, “Lady,” was shared by numerous celebrities and online media.

Asake has always loved to dance, starting as a child. He studied ethnic dances in his spare time, and later performed at school functions. He even earned himself a nickname for his dancing, “Asake”. Asake was also gifted with a powerful singing voice, and performed original songs and covers of popular songs.

Asake was born on January 13, 1995. He is a member of Olamide Baddo’s YBNL Nation label. His songs have earned him a place in the hearts of millions of Afrobeats fans. He also signed to YBNL Nation and Empire Distribution. His stage name, “Asake”, pays homage to his mother’s first name.

He is a musician

Ahmed Ololade, better known professionally as Asake, is a Nigerian singer with Yoruba heritage. His music focuses on Afrobeats. He is currently signed to the YBNL Nation and Empire Distribution labels. His stage name is a tribute to his mother’s first name.

Asake began his artistic career as a cultural dancer. He spent many hours practicing his art form and performed at school functions and events. His dance performances earned him a nickname, “Dance Asake.” Despite his interest in dance, Asake was also a lover of music. He composed his own songs and performed covers of popular songs.

Asake started releasing music professionally in 2015. He was a backup singer for Broda Shaggi, and in 2019, the pair collaborated on the song “Star”. In January 2020, Asake got recognition with his single “Lady”. It was produced by Blaque Beats and received a lot of attention on social media.

During his early years, Asake studied theatre at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun state. He majored in performance and later switched to music. Since then, his career has exploded, with tracks like “Mr. Money” and “Yan Yan” becoming hits on radio stations and the internet. In February 2022, Asake signed a recording deal with the YBNL label.

In Nigeria, Asake is quickly rising as a solo artist. His latest single, “Lady,” has received worldwide attention. He has also collaborated with Nigerian superstar Olamide and released an EP called Mr. Money With the Vibe in September, which showcases a diverse range of genres. The album reached the top 66 on the Billboard pop chart, and became Asake’s biggest hit.

He has no wife or girlfriend

If you’re wondering why Asake has no wife or girlfriend, you’re not alone. There are many celebrities and musicians who have not gotten married and are happily single. Even celebrities like Akon and Kanye West have not found the love of their lives. But there’s a very good reason for that. Asake was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His parents are of the Yoruba ethnic group. His father is an entrepreneur and his mother teaches primary school.

In 2015, Asake decided to pursue music professionally. He was influenced by the likes of Olamide, Davido and Wizkid, and created his own unique sound by blending Hip Hop with Amapiano and Fuji sounds. In the beginning, Asake was a backup singer for Broda Shaggi. He later collaborated with him on the song “Star.” Asake’s single Lady, which was released in January 2020, has since gained immense popularity on the internet.

According to sources, Asake is not currently married. He has never made public announcements about his romantic relationships. He lives with his family in Lagos and is enjoying his career flow. His net worth is estimated at N80 million as of 2022. However, his relationship status may change in the future.

Apart from his music, Asake also likes dancing and singing. His high-pitched voice makes him an excellent performer. In his younger days, he performed cover songs and entertained his schoolmates. However, as a matured artist, he decided to mix singing and dancing and aimed to be the best performer. He then joined an afrobeats group and started singing Afrofusion songs.

In the same year, Asake released his debut EP, Ololade Asake, which contains four smash singles. Omo Ope was performed at a live session held by Glitch Africa in February 2022, while Sungba was recorded with Grammy award winner Burna Boy. The songs became hit singles for several weeks. The singer also appeared on the song “Palazzo” by DJ Spinall. The music video was directed by sensational videographer TG Omori.

He is a talented athlete

Born and raised in Nigeria, Asake is a talented athlete, rapper, and musician. He hails from the Yoruba ethnic group, and he currently resides in Lagos, where he honed his athletic talents. When he is not making music, Asake enjoys practicing his hobbies such as basketball, soccer, and tennis. He also enjoys listening to music from various genres and recognizing the quality of other artists.

After changing into a casual outfit that included a dry-fit long sleeve shirt and athletic shorts, Asake showed off his skills. He was a fantastic performer, and it will be exciting to see him in bigger venues. Asake is an amazing athlete and will definitely make an impact in the sport.

Aside from playing basketball and volleyball, Asake also enjoys acting, singing, and dancing. His music is jazz-influenced, and he is known for his high energy on stage. He will perform at the 02 Academy Brixton Arena, which will accommodate over four thousand fans. The concert will take place on December 11, 2022.

Asake is a rising star in Nigeria. He recently released his debut album, Mr. Money With the Vibe, which includes collaborations with afrobeats legend Burna Boy and American rapper Russ. His performance in the New York City concert got fans excited, and it is likely to increase album sales.

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